17 September 2008

Thanksgiving Turkey

I realize that it is fairly far off, but I am thoroughly excited for Thanksgiving Day. Last year, we hosted a small gathering of friends that were unable to get to their respective homes for the holiday. In my mind, though, Thanksgiving is more of a friend holiday than a family get together. Take, for example, the seemingly endless number of Friends episodes set on or around Thanksgiving Day. The show isn't called Friends for nothing. While I do enjoy the football, camaraderie, and convivial conversation my favorite part of the whole day is the food.

Now, more than ever, I really enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Last year I got to cook a turkey (thanks How To Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey Dot Com), mashed potatoes, a cheesecake (thanks Mom), and other succulent things. This year, I hope to do the same and maybe more. I doubt our feast will look like the pictured spread--for one, it is apparently dangerous to stuff the turkey because germs totally lurk in the breading--but I won't mind too much. I really enjoy sitting around a table with friends with well filled bellies enjoying the friendships we are blessed with.

If you've nothing better to do on November 27th, give us a call and join the festivities.

ps- It's incredible to me that www.howtocookathanksgivingturkey.com actually exists. What's more incredible is that cooking a turkey is fantastically easy. Ever since Thanksgiving Day last year we've wanted to, on a whim, purchase a turkey, cook it, and feast for weeks on the left overs. The aforementioned Web site (is that the correct way to write that?) gives a very easy turkey cooking process that is very work-free. Anything that is delicious and incredibly easy is okay by me.


Kara said...

I may need some of your Thanksgiving recipes. Jerry's parents and sisters are coming to our little place for Thanksgiving and I might in fact wind up cooking the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of sad I'm not eating turkey right now. I forgot about Thanksgiving. I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!