03 March 2008

Blog Schedule?

I would like to write here more often. If nothing else, it will help to work out a personal style of writing I've been struggling for years to find. Steven (linked on the right), at one time, kept a nice schedule of blog topics and I would weekly look forward to his topics relating to culture, music, and theatre. So what I'm going to do is lay out a schedule for myself and see how this goes.

Weekly Schedule:

Monday-talk about something I have recently read.

Tuesday-Fitness Revolution Update

Wednesday-Something political/open forum (Like I have more than three people who read this)

Thursday-Some music related thing that I like

Friday-Links or Movies

I know, I know . . . there is nothing specific about the posting schedule and, seeing that I'm scheduled to write five days a week, there's no way I'm going to faithfully keep to it, but I'll try.

Wish me luck as you wave my goodbye. Cheerio! Here I go, on my way!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I read!!! And I'll look forward to an almost daily dose of Ian. hooray!

Don't give up... like some people I know. what a loser.