07 December 2008

Moving Day!

The time has finally come. Yesterday I successfully moved all the posts and comments from this faithful blog to www.theanxietyofinfluence.wordpress.com - my new place in the blogosphere. I do very much appreciate what blogger has done for me but the enticement of easy lay-outs and better themes has done me in. If you do regularly read here, please update all your whatevs and I'll see you over at wordpress.

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04 December 2008

My life on paper

I have never been able to effectively use any sort of day planner thing. Throughout middle and high school I was given some sort of school sanctioned assignment planner every fall and every year I would dutifully plan to use it to its fullest capabilities. Three weeks later it would be buried at the bottom of my locker, not to be seen again until I cleaned out the wonderful metal box. Every semester at Harding, I was enticed by the large box of planners found next to the check-out aisle of the HUB and would shell out four bucks for a HU sanctioned day planner that would inevitably go to waste.

Not 2008! This academic year--the second and third semester of my M.A.--has uncovered an Ian that is fully capable of keeping a day planner. Not only do I keep my work and class schedule, I also faithfully record upcoming projects, reading schedules, planned meetings with fellow students, and even long-term project steps. I attribute this newfound organization not to self-will, but to my wonderful wife and the gift of a Moleskine weekly planner--horizontal layout. It looks like the typical Moleskine pocket notebook, but it's so much more! Beyond the quotidian (ha! puns) day planner features, there is adequate space for note jotting and an address book. Also included in the pages are several pages of possibly necessary information (conversion tables, geography, measurements, and area codes).

I have been very pleased with my weekly planner. For her part, Jenna tries to keep her mind sharp by keeping most of her appointments and dates mentally. I would never make it to anything if that were the case. How do you keep track of your life?