05 September 2008

McCain's Convention Speech

Last night I, like 38.9 million others, sat down and watched McCain accept the RNC's nomination for president. While I was watching, I had the good fortune of live-blogging with mostly like-minded people so that added to the entertainment. I didn't expect a very great speech from McCain and he didn't deliver one. I think it's fair to say that he's not a terribly gifted speaker but that shouldn't disqualify someone from being a president. For me, it's all about policy and issues. Luckily for me, this election cycle has been fairly because, almost across the board, I disagree with what McCain is pushing. Along with his positions on the issues, I have a lot of difficulty imagining that he is genuine in some--if not most--of what he says.

According to Neilsen, McCain's speech was watched by a half-million more people than Obama's. While this was a little disappointing for me initially, I can't help but thinking that this is a good thing. It is my hope that to more people are able to compare McCain and Obama, the Senator from Arizona will look worse.


Anonymous said...

McCain's following is disheartening to me, but I am just praying that whatever God wants will happen.

Edward Carson said...

I will say that I like his attempt to stick it and warn the conservative base of change that have dominated the party. I mean they have stuck it to him for years; regardless, I was not impressed.

Jigsaw said...

He certainly isn't much of a gifted speaker but I remember a fantastic quote from a first century Christian. If you have not read the book by the same title, get it. It is awesome.

A Roman was ridiculing the Christians because they had not great philosophers. The Christian replied (title of the book)
"We don't speak great things, we live them."

I see the McCains have lived great things so I am content if he isn't the most polished at reading from teleprompters.

Ian said...


By "great things," do you mean things like the Keating 5 scandal or his policy reversal on many many issues to better appeal to the conservative base? Or do you just mean his time as a POW?

Anonymous said...

The Irresistible Revolution is so great. It made me squirm when I read it because I was like, DANG SHANE you put me to shame with your life! He's a great guy and a wonderful asset to that lucky community.

and...feel free to leave your abortion comments. I tell people to leave it civil but no one listens to me! so you may as well join in. haha.