03 September 2008

SP as (potential) VP

Try as I may, I cannot help but gobble up the news about Sarah Palin. I never would have thought 'political' news could be so much like watching The View while snacking on unbaked-but-oh-so-delicious cookie dough.

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Anonymous said...

Ian. I did not know you had a blog. NOW I do. And it's kind of a funny one, too, nice work! I was reading about your tattoo and laughing because I think I'm in the same white, middle class dilemma of sort of wanting a tattoo but not even knowing what I'd want and also being slightly too wussy to ever do it.

BUT, if I did, I think I would get it on the arch of my foot or the inside of my pinky. a small verse, like, He must increase, I must decrease. some day when we are friends, we should go together like junior high girls for moral support. it'd be hilar.