14 August 2008


For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a tattoo; for the same length of time I haven't had a clue of what I wanted tattooed on my body. I have never realistically considered getting one because I figure that it's silly to get something permanently inked onto my skin if I don't truly know that I want it there.

All this was before I discovered Contrariwise.

This is a site dedicated to the display and explanation of literary tattoos and it seems that most people love Vonnegut (so says the picture above) or Plath. I'm a self-professed Lit. nerd and I think doing something like this would solidify my ridiculous affinity for literature for all time. My only problem is that I don't quite know what I would want. One of the pictures on the site is an excerpt from "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas. It would be appropriate for me because a.) I love the poem, 2.) my last name is Thomas, and d.) I'm pretty into the band Rage Against the Machine. (The d section is true but unnecessary for the list. I just wanted to have a third to complete my Home Alone reference.)

But having seen it on the internet, I could never--in good conscience--get that tattooed on me.

I've thought of getting DeLillo's theme of "All plots lead to death," but that's a bit too dreary. So I'm coming to you for suggestions. This isn't to say that I'll rush out and get a tattoo on a sudden whim of fancy, but it will help my thought process.

For location, I'm thinking of someplace that not readily visible but can be seen by me if I want to. I think I'll get it somewhere random on my torso, like just below my ribs a few inches to either side of center.

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