10 January 2008

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Vote

As of late, I've been talking politics with a few of my co-workers pretty frequently. Today one of them received an all-too-popular e-mail claiming that Barack Obama is a radical Muslim who wants to destroy America from the inside, hates the flag, and generally despises all that we consider Americana. I did my best to disprove all the lies contained in the e-mail, but all the while I couldn't help but be disgusted by the hate, insecurity, and bigotry on display by those the write and pass on these e-mail full of lies.

Me, I'm pretty jazzed about this upcoming presidential election. If things pan out as they should, America will be electing either a black man or a woman. Though I am currently anti-Hillary, if she gets the nod from the Democrats, she'll have my support because she'll be an amazing president; Obama will just be better. If either Obama or Clinton get elected, we'll have a president who isn't afraid to embrace change (a far too often used buzz word as of late), cares about health care, and will have a better foreign policy than our current administration.

There are some amazing political cartoons out there. Daryl Cagle keeps a nice daily index of political cartoons and I read nearly every day. Check it out, if you want to laugh and be mildly informed at the same time

Sometimes I am amazed by politicians. More often, however, I am amazed by the voters of the nation. Hillary Clinton gets teary-eyed in a New Hampshire diner and suddenly voters believe that she has a human side vote for her in New Hampshire. Though it could never be proven, I am willing to believe that Mrs. Clinton allowed herself to cry--not necessarily that she faked it--but that she allowed her emotions to show through in an effort to sway some voters, particularly those of the feminine persuasion. Listening to interviews on NPR, it appears that many voters were persuaded by the sudden onslaught of emotion by Hillary.

I guess her campaign managers realized that America (or Iowa, at the least), doesn't appreciate a stone-cold politician with gobs of experience and little personal skills. So here we stand with Obama and Clinton essentially tied and Clinton with the momentum heading into Michigan (which doesn't really count), South Carolina, etc. I anticipate (and hope) that the rest of the voters will see through the suddenly emotional facade of Hillary's campaign and vote for Mr. Obama: my candidate of choice.

Whom are you supporting and why? I'm just curious.

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