10 January 2008

New Look

bee tea dub--I really like my new blog colors. I was getting lost in the sea of blue and decided to go as traditional as possible, hearkening back to my boring and oft forgotten Southern roots. Black is the new brown, right?

Quick Plug: I love the Language Log. They have several interesting posts about the "x is the new y" phenomenon as well as a healthy hatred for Dan Brown. I'm publicly outing myself as a wanna-be linguist while proclaiming my disdain for The Di Vinci Code.


Tony said...

i appreciate the active blogdom! How are you my friend? Ashley and I are doing good - we're members of LA Fitness. Happy with it because of location, and the fact that there is no contract. However, you do have to pay your first and last months membership fees up front, but again - it's nice not to have the contract, and the facilities are usually very nice. As for the optometrist - perhaps you are afraid with in your deepest being for some strange reason. I can think of one - the glaucoma test, that lil' surprising puff of air in the eyeball can devestate.

Tony said...

I tagged you.