08 January 2008

New Year's Revolution

Following in the footsteps of many bloggers before me, I have decided to use this blog as an accountability took to aid in my new fitness plan that starts today. So we got ourselves a scale and, though it isn't the perfect fitness measuring instrument, it'll have to do because I don't want to spend the money on BMI indicating scales and fancier equipment. I plan to weigh myself frequently, but at least every Tuesday morning and report to you, the few who read this, what it says. This morning I weighed in at 239.5 lbs. That's too much for me to consider myself healthy, so I want to change that.

Now we all know that accountability does nothing if there aren't goals, right? So I'll now set forth the goals of my new fitness program.

I want to weigh in at 215 by April 15th--tax day. I guess now that I work at an FI (financial institution) that the day now holds some significance to me, at least more than before. All in all, that's a weight loss of 24.5 lbs in a little over three months. I don't think that sounds unreasonable since I have achieved my current size because I have completely ignored any form of exercise and eat whatever and whenever I want.

Now on the how portion of my goals.

I will simply dedicate myself to a more active life coupled with better eating habits. I think the biggest sacrifice, for me, is the decision to almost completely give up pop. I plan to allow myself no more than two small Mountain Dews a week, and that's only if I feel I cannot go without one. Jenna typically eats healthily, so she'll certainly help me out with this. I am currently looking into a few different gyms/fitness centers in the area and am sizing up which is best/most affordable. WCU (West Chester University) has a fitness center that will be free, but it's 30 minutes from my house (only three from work) and I'm not sure whether or not it has free weights. (My only beef with the Harding workout facility was the complete lack of free weights, I hate the machines.) There is also a nice-looking YMCA near our apartment and an L.A. Fitness nearby. Apparently a Y membership is expensive. Who knew?

Anyway, I took this idea from Mark Elrod and I can only hope that I'm nearly as successful. Thanks in advance for all your encouragement, prayers, and nagging.

Please know that I love you.


Mark Elrod said...

Go for it and good luck.

You're going to feel a lot better about yourself.

After you lose five pounds, go to the store and find of bag of something that weighs five pounds and lift it over your head. Do the same thing after you lose ten.

aa said...

GO GET 'EM!! good luck, and tell jenna i said hello. miss you both terribly.