06 September 2007


I'm nearly finished with my third week of my job as a bank (really, a credit union) teller. While I'm no institutional expert, I have a decent amount of confidence in my abilities as a teller. I was hoping this day would take a little longer to come because I fear that from now on, I'll be just a bit bored. I do, however, enjoy the people I work with--that makes the day easier. A huge plus for this job is that I am in front of a computer with internet access (though no facebook, xanga, e-mail, etc.) so between helping members (that's what our patrons are called because we are a credit union, not a bank) I can keep caught up on the news, see sports scores, and occasionally read wiki articles about Jacques Derrida in French. We were really slow last week at times.

Graduate school is better than I had hoped, especially considering that I'm only taking one class involving actual literature. I do believe my literature course, Mythology, will be my least liked of the three I'm taking. The other two are Pedagogies and Literacies and Introduction to the Profession of English Studies. In title they're a bit boring but I'm enjoying them. Hooray for higher learning.

Yesterday on West Chester's campus I missed Harding, really for the first time. It all happened because I passed a red-headed girl talking on a cell phone who looked enough like Alice-Anne to make me believe it was her. I nearly stopped to talk to her until I realized that AA lives in Mississippi--nowhere near the CBL.

I'm not sure that anyone has read this blog yet, and I'm mostly okay with that. If you are reading this, know that you're loved and most likely missed.


J. Cliff said...

na. you don't miss me, do you?

perhaps i shall come visit you at work, to boost the excitement level.

aa said...

i found you....and i don't appreciate your snyde remarks about my homeland.

chelsea said...

I read your blog.

And now I have one of my own too!

springsingfiend said...

My work has a firewall that blocks facebook too! I can still get to xanga (which is the only reason I still post on there every now and again) but I want FACEBOOK! stupid firewall thing.