02 September 2007


So this collection of my personal ruminations begins at, what many would consider a new chapter or even a new volume, of my life. I got married a little over a month ago, started grad school just under a week ago, and started a full-time job that I hope won't be my career just under two weeks ago. Jenna (the wife of just over a month) and I moved to the CBL almost a month ago and we're slowly adjusting.

I tend to think that life, or success at life, is all about ones ability to cope with differences--to adjust. Whether it's small matters like limiting your sugar intake or massive undertakings like packing up your life and moving eleven-hundred miles from what has been home for four years, life is about adjusting.

It hasn't been as hard as I feared it would be. I have a few amazing friends in the city on whom I can rely and I have Jenna who is my rock (yes, it's trite to say this, but I've done it because it's true). I have a supportive family and loving friends and kind strangers in every imaginable spot on the earth. I, too, have a little niche on the interwub where I can leave my thoughts for a very few readers (because who wants to read my thoughts too often?) and life couldn't be much sweeter.

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