21 September 2007

ride on the peace train

After having heard that song for the first time in a long time on Den's deck Labor Day Weekend, it's been stuck in my head off and on. The ladies here at work listen to the Remember the Titans soundtrack often so I hear it all the time. All that to say, I like the peace train. I figure, riding the peace train is better than riding the S.L.U.T anyway.

There's a lot in life that could get one down. I've been pretty bummed about the Jena 6, The War on Terror, government in general, and Matt Drudge. I think he's ruining my life. Though there is much bad in the world, I can take solace in the occasionally overwhelming good of people and God. I have many good friends nearby and I have a fantastic wife who always makes me feel better about life. The Buckeyes haven't lost yet this season and it's possible that they could end the regular season loss-less. To add to that joy, Notre Dame is win less and M*ch*gan is 1-2. Nearly everything in the world of NCAA football is going my way. If only the SEC would implode--that would be nice. O, the Cowboys are 2-0 while the Eagles are 0-2. Take that Philly. The Braves are on a surge (much like the troops but the only causalities are the occasionally beaned players) so sports in general are treating me well right now.

There is a lot of homework, but it's considerably more enjoyable than most of the work I had at Harding. It's all exactly what I want to do. I'm sorry that this post hasn't said anything substantial but I'm at work and I'm incredibly bored and I haven't posted in awhile and I realize that if I keep typing then you'll eventually stop paying attention. Welp, it's back to the world of money markets and saving accounts.

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