24 September 2008

Treasury Secretary of Fight Club?

Whenever stories mention the name of Henry Paulson, the current U.S. Treasury Secretary who is begging Congress to bail out our free market, I can't help but thing of Meat Loaf in the film Fight Club. I am fully aware that they are not at all related and that Robert Paulson is, indeed, a character of fiction from the mind if Chuck Palahniuk, but I can't shake the link in my mind.

It really makes me wonder. No matter what happens as a result of our current financial crisis, will we remember the Treasury Secretary at the reigns of our economy with the mantra, "His name was Henry Paulson?"

His name was Henry Paulson. His name was Henry Paulson. His name was Henry Paulson.


S.C. Denney said...

All hail King Paulson!

Anonymous said...

lol. funny. nothing like a little financial dictatorship to wake people out of their slumber eh?!

just wanted to point out that no one is bailing out the free market. they are burying it.