22 September 2008


Fall is, hands down, my favorite season. There are so many good things during the season that it is difficult to even name them all. I'll give it a shot:

1. Football--this wonderful autumnal game completely diverts me from anything truly productive and I'm sure that my grades suffer as a result but I don't even come close to caring.

2. Weather--along with the leaves changing (which is beautiful in Pennsyltucky), the fall brings cooler, crisper weather and an outdoorsy scent that is simply indescribable, but wonderful.

3. Halloween--is Jenna's favorite holiday and it's a good time for all. I particularly like it when it falls on a weekend and this year it's on a Friday so hooray! What could be better than dressing up and acting like something/someone else and eating way too much candy?

4. Thanksgiving--it may very well be my favorite holiday. It combines all the good things of Fall plus wonderful food. Last year we hosted a Thanksgiving feast and we're doing it again this year. I do love a good turkey.

5. Autumn--this is one of my favorite words. Words that end in -mn are wonderful to me. It is even better in the phrase 'autumnal equinox."

That list is in honor of the autumnal equinox that occurs at 11:44 EST today, September 22.

Enjoy this most wonderful of seasons and take a few extra steps to crunch a particularly crispy-looking fallen leaf this year.

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Anonymous said...

switch to wordpress! everybody's doing it!

Halloween is also my family's (by my family I mean my sister and I) favorite holiday. My sister has an annual Halloween party. Yearly. I just said annual. Duh.

I LOVE fall and am excited because I now am going to the PShow for sure. I thought I wasn't going to be able to. Hooray!