05 August 2008

Wordle Mash-Up

So there's a mighty interesting site that scans any text and makes a conglomeration of the most frequently used words. I had it make a cloud of my blog's words and here's what happened:

Click on the image for a better view and the link to make your own!


Tony said...

hi! no haven't moved...well...i haven't. ashley has. We're gonna be in manhattan it looks like.

do you and jenna need a washer and dryer? or a 2005 mustang? i'll give you the washer and dryer free if you buy the mustang. deal??

Anonymous said...

did you find this website b/c of the article about McCain and Obama's blogs?

I thought it was cool

Tony said...

don't worry about ponying up the cash. That's what a credit union is for! COMEON....it's a hot car. :-)