05 August 2008

Defeat Terrorism: Inflate Your Tires

As noted by a more astute bloggers, is appears the John McCain's campaign is run by 18 year old interns. From his Paris/Britney celebrity ad to his new campaign promise to give a tire gauge to anyone who donates $25 or more, everything the McCain camp does seems fairly puerile and ineffectual.

The latest stunt plays off Obama's call to regularly check tire pressure and get frequent tune-ups. This, of course, seems like common sense but the GOP acts as if Obama is suggesting one use a garden hose to douse a forest fire. Luckily, some in the media have stepped up to suggest that Obama's 'energy plan' can actually do more to offset gas prices than offshore drilling will. This isn't earth-shattering news, but it's important to point out how the little things can often do much more than grand, Big Oil projects.

I truly hope the GOP keeps up these antics. The more they act, the wiser the 'youth' movement behind Obama appears.

Edit: Daily Kos has a nice write up about this.

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