18 January 2008

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Yesterday, walking through the streets of West Chester I was passed by a borough-owned vehicle towing a tree-chopper. The primary purpose of the tree choppers were, I imagine, to chop up and cart away the carcasses of the past-their-prime (it appears that this will be a hyphen-filled post) Christmas trees lining the streets. The scent emanating from the back of the truck brought back countless Christmas-time memories or my childhood. I love Christmas-time and it kept me in a good mood all day... at least until my 30-minute drive took over two hours because of the snow/traffic.

In other news, the search for Bobby Fischer is over. NPR reported that he passed away in Iceland, his new home. I've always been a fan of the movie about the child chess-talent.

Anyway, the part about the smell of Christmas trees bringing back memories is a lie: my mom is severely allergic to real trees so we always had a fake tree. Enjoy the day.


aa said...

i only counted nine. that's really not terrible.

aa said...


Tony said...

dude - you have to come see the show. It's really good.