15 January 2008

Fitness Revolution Update #1

So a week has come and gone since I laid forth my fitness goals for the next few months. I weighed myself and came in at 239.5 lbs. This morning when I woke, I was luckily awake enough to remember to weigh myself before I ate, or anything else so I'm fairly confident it's an accurate representation of my weight loss. The number: 235 lbs. I total loss of 4.5 pounds. Though the first pounds are, so I hear, always the easiest to lose, I fear that I may have set the bar too low for my weight loss. The weight loss came with no real effort. I, more or less, ate what I wanted; I just tried to eat a little less of it. I think the biggest help is my lack of pop. I do miss the Dew, but I'll certainly survive and feel better for it.

I had fully intended to work out often, but an application into the YMCA (we decided it was our best option. It seems expensive, but they give discounts if your family makes little enough money, and we qualify!) but the process of application and financial matters takes about two weeks. In an effort to be semi-active, I've been meandering the streets of West Chester on my lunch break. It's a lovely town and the people are surprisingly friendly. There are several book shops where I could spend far too much money and the same is true of restaurants. You should visit.

All-in-all, it was a successful fitness week, despite my lack of effort. I look forward to the results when I buckle down and try harder. Thanks for all your good thoughts, encouraging words, and friendship. Come visit me in West Chester! or Media.

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aa said...

i really want to come visit someday. maybe once i get some real money and can afford a plane ticket that will be possible. i'm so proud of your fitness revolution! brad and i are embarking on something similar in efforts to continue our weight loss...seems we've both kinda hit a plateau. good luck to us all!