05 November 2008

More humor!

Wow, some people can be so reactive and unoriginal.

I may be wrong, but they should probably use 17 instead of 13.

I can't stop smiling when I think about the results of last night's election return.

Good job America.


Anonymous said...

ugh, so bothersome. was it nietsche who said don't spend your life swatting at the flies- you were made for so much more than that.

we have higher hopes than proving ourselves to small minded people who do nothing but add negativity to the air.


Kara said...

As someone who was disappointed last night, I think the "Obama's Last Day" paraphanalia (sp?) is silly and presumptuous. And yes, it is un-creative. However, the Right does not have a monopoly on being un-creative. The primary argument against the Repulican nominee (4 more years of Bush) was decided long before John McCain won the primaries.

I also think that those on the Right who are disappointed should be allowed some time to grieve. Think about how you would have felt had Obama lost. Adjustment to an outcome that one so desparetly did not desire takes longer than 24 hours. McCain supporters are not going to fall in line behind Obama that quickly. He has to earn their trust.

Still, I'm keeping an open--albeit disappointed--mind. I hope more McCain supporters can do the same, and stop thinking up silly slogans to use in 2012.

chelsea said...

Those shirts are ridiculous. People are so close-minded.

But enough about that...Obama won!!!! Hooray! I can't wait for him to get in there and prove everyone that doubted him wrong.