27 October 2008

Yes we Carve!

I have never put election day and Halloween together in my mind, but they're mighty close this year! This, of course, is very exciting news for me. My wife happens to absolutely love Halloween and we are both very anxious to vote and have this whole election cycle behind us. While scrounging around on the internets today, I discovered YES WE CARVE. This is a site dedicated to pumpkins carved to promote Barack Obama's bid for the presidency. They're having a contest for the most creative pumpkin and on the site you can find dozens of pumpkin stencils to make your supportive gestures easier.

If you're interested, you should come on up to Pottstown and we can carve some Barack O'Lanterns.

O, don't forget to vote next Tuesday. It's pretty important.

full disclosure--I googled 'McCain Pumpkins' and Zombie Pumpkins was the first result. They have a McCain stencil, if you're so inclined

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