22 May 2008

We Are Scientists

Since this is Thursday and I'm trying to slowly get back into a groove of regular writing, I'm supposed to write about something music related. I don't have much to say about them, but I'm really enjoying the band We Are Scientists as of late. I heard their song, "Let's See It," on WXPN and it was immediate wonder. Give them a listen, let's hope you'll like it.

On to bigger and better news.

Many months ago I decided that on my three week break from classes that I would catalogue and organize our library. I did a minimal amount of research and discovered Library Thing. Along the right side of the blog is a random list of the books in my library. I also picked up a bar code scanner that made putting books into my online library easy-as-pie. There are many different ways it allows you to organize your books. As a true nerd, I've put mine in Dewey decimal order. Last night I took all my books off their shelves and organized them--it's glorious. I encourage you to organize your library. For me, it's been nice to discover some books I had forgotten and to see what books the wife brought to our library. It's good to share.

1 comment:

Tony said...

library thing looks fun. I liked that the first book on your random book list on the side was "guide to a great sex life" - or something of that nature. made me smile...in a funny, awkward way. How are you my friend?

PS - Ash may get a job in Philly, which means we could be hang out buddies!