09 May 2008


It was recently brought to my attention that I only consume political news from left-leaning sources. While that is pretty much fine with me since I'm fairly left leaning as far as most political issues are concerned, but it doesn't make me a properly informed individual.

Most of my news consumption happens at work, online. If there are any quality, right-leaning political websites out there, I would appreciate you letting me know where to look. This isn't an effort to learn more about the other side to better be able to attack them, but I think it's only fair that I look at issues objectively and base my views on a broad spectrum of information.

Thanks, in advance, for the ideas.

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Kara said...

I applaud your intentions, Ian (although I have no suggestions because I don't really read too much news--I find it makes me cynical). As a right-leaning person who is regularly surrounded by left-leaning people, I find that hearing the "other side of ths story" is helpful when I do try to form opinions about issues. One cannot have an informed stance without hearing what both the left and the right think.

I believe that one of the greatest issues with our political system at the moment is that both sides have stopped talking to or hearing the other. There's no reason that one should have to ignore the other side's arguments or perspectives in order to stay true to one's convictions.