02 April 2008

Barack Obama

I figured since the PA primary is less that three weeks away, I'll only write about Obama until then. While that's probably not true, I want to share with you big news about him. Why this hasn't been made a bigger deal, I don't know. Barack Obama is--brace yourself--left-handed. To you I submit this picture of him bowling.
It is curious that there have been seven left-handed presidents and five of the last six presidents have been left-handed. Fortunately, George W. isn't left handed. His father is and so was Reagan--that should excite even more Obamacans.
I'd rather not discuss the score of his game of bowling; but I will offer, in his defense, the fact that most bowling alley balls (I cannot imagine that, on the campaign trail, he carries his own around. Nor can I entertain the notion that he owns one because anyone that owns his own ball yet can't break 40 should probably put the ball on eBay) are calibrated for right-handed bowlers, thus the spin is difficult to regulate. Also, I imagine he could do a bit better if he would just kick that left leg just a smidge further back. At least it couldn't hurt.

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