06 March 2008

Happy Birthday Magic Realism

Today is Gabriel García Márquez's birthday. According to most places I've checked, he was born in 1928 and is, therefore, eighty today; but according to wikipedia he was born in 1927 and is eighty-one today. I attempted to edit the wiki page, but when I went to the editing page there was a hidden note telling one not to change his birth date because he was actually born in 1927 and everyone else is wrong. Since I'm no Márquez expert and I haven't read a definitive biography, I have no idea which is right.

Either way, it's his birthday. So pick up a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude, curl up in a soft place, and sing Happy Birthday, to our favorite Colombian novelist.

ps--I realize that Márquez is probably not the originator of magic realism, his work was my first foray into the genre so, to me, he is the touchstone of magic realism and all the beauty found therein.

edit- With minimal further reading, I discovered that Márquez's brand of magic realism was directly influenced by Kafka. It turns out that I read Kafka before Márquez and am a liar.

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