11 March 2008

Fitness Revolution Update #9

This morning, the scale read 227.5 lbs. It's a full pound loss from last week, but only a net loss of .5 lbs over two weeks. I probably sabotaged myself with a heaping plate of Buddha's Delight from New South Chinese last night, but it was so delightful--that or Mike & Ike's. Either way, I'm making progress, it's just not as fast as I would like. I have a little over a month to get down to 215. I still think I can do it; but it will take better discipline.

I went to a spinning class at the Y last night with a teacher I've not had before--Jen B. tried to kill us! Luckily, most of us survived. Tonight they're having an open volleyball court, so I think I'll stop down and see how bad I've gotten after having not played for a year. Wish me luck.

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