04 March 2008

Fitness Revolution Update #8

So it wasn't a great week for my fitness revolution. Sure, I'm still not eating anything not-vegan or carbonated but I have discovered that most chips are vegan-friendly and since I've had a weird school/work schedule and little desire to make lunch/dinner for myself, between work and school I've been heading to Wawa for some apples and chips on most days. On top of that, I didn't go to the Y at all. I'm not doing a good job of revolutionizing my fitness. The scale this morning said 228.5 lbs. A half-pound gain. I need to do better, that's all there is to it.

Check me out, two posts in one day, mostly in the same hour! I figured I would start my schedule a day late (not a great start, I know). I figured that I'm either preponing my schedule for next Monday, or I'm just a day late. I'll go with the former. Have a fantastic day.

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