19 March 2008

Day-Late Fitness Revolution Update #10

Sorry this is a day late. I had a terrible stomach disease yesterday so it was taxing enough to move from bed to the couch. I did, however, weigh myself yesterday. At my lightest, I was 222 lbs, but that shouldn't count because I couldn't eat all day and other gross things. So after a meal of rice and apples (I'm on the BRAT [bananas, rice, apples, toast] diet until I'm fully better) last night, I weighed in at 225 this morning. I'm making progress, but without a significant change in habits I don't know that I'll make it to 215 by April 15th. I haven't gotten to exercise this week because of classes and sickness. We're driving to Ohio on Thursday night, so I doubt I'll get to exercise at all, we'll see how this goes. Have a lovely day!

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