26 February 2008

Fitness Revolution Update #7

It's hard to believe I've been going at this fitness program for eight weeks. As I sit here at work munching on mango chips (delicious!) from Carlino's Market of West Chester, PA, I am thinking upon what the scale read this morning: 228. That's a two pound loss from last week, I have lost a total of 11.5 pounds, and have thirteen to go. I certainly need to better dedicate myself to working out more frequently and eating a bit better (breakfast this morning was a piece of vegan cake I made on Saturday), but I am fairly pleased with my progress. Thank for your nice thoughts and comments.

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aa said...

okay the ficus comment made me laugh out loud. thanks!

i'm not sure about honor choir. i would love to do it, but at this point, doing that would make me far less hireable by anyone else this summer, and i can't live on $300 next semester. I need something that will provide me with a significantly larger amount of funding. that said...i will definitely be there and might still be able to perform or something. we'll see.