05 February 2008

Super-Duper/Tsunami/Shrove/Gras Tuesday Fitness Revolution Update #4

Stepping on the scale this morning, before my hour-long spinning class at the Y, the number that came back at me between the toes was 233. That's a 3.5-pound loss from last week. I'm slowly making progress and with the new workout regimen I'm working myself into, I think things should go smoothly--at least I hope.

On to other things.

The last three years, I've given up escalating things for Lent: first pop, then pop and beef, then pop and all meat. I figured the logical step in the progression this year would be pop, all meat, and all animal by-products. That essentially means I'll be a vegan for 40 days, starting tomorrow. I'm not, nor have I ever been, Catholic; but I believe they have something very right in the whole Lent business. For me, it's similar to fasting (at which I'm horrible) but in a more manageable manner. It allows me a time to reflect on what I have been given while intentionally avoiding that which I would most like to have.

I say this, and I hope this is evident, not to sound righteous or pompous but in order to solicit some accountability and perhaps encouragement. And if you have a dynamite vegan cookie/any time of dessert recipe, I'd love to have it. Thanks and I love you.

ps-The last 15 minutes of the spinning class were devoted to "Free Bird." That was intense.

btw-- Yes, we can.


Steven Baird said...

3 years ago I went vegan for lent. (Well not completely, I still wore leather shoes and belts, but for eating purposes I was vegan) It ended up being one of the best things I've ever done. It requires a great deal of thought to accomplish, and when you have to approve everything before you can eat it you develop a sense of how blessed we are. It made me really grateful that I don't have to worry about being kosher, and it really made me appreciate those who are kosher. Also everytime I had to veto something it reminded me that I should contemplate Christ, his period of fasting, and our salvation. Good luck, I know you can accomplish it. (As a side effect I'm sure you'll lose some more weight so that's good too!)

Steven Baird said...

P.S. eggs and dairy are apparently in everything, even things you wouldn't think about. so read those ingredient lists carefully. And for me it really really sucked to give up cheeses.

chelsea said...

This is one of my favorite food blogs, even though I'm not vegan.


She has some amazing recipes for all kinds of dishes, including desserts.

Good luck!