22 January 2008

Gerund+Noun=Movie Title

Inspired by the Language Log's multi-piece article on non-constituent titles, I have recently become interested in movies whose titles are made up of a gerund and a noun (or noun phrase, whichever you prefer). I'm certainly no linguist and my knowledge and, frankly, interest in grammar is minimal, at best so this certainly isn't a legit pursuit of linguist knowledge or renown, just an observation.

So far, I've thought of:

Chasing Amy
Finding Forrester
Searching for Bobby Fischer (maybe doesn't count, but who cares?)


Waking Ned Divine
Driving Miss Daisy

And really, when I was talking about this I had many more but when it comes to writing it down, I am drawing a blank.

Anyway, if you can think of any more, just throw them my way.

1 comment:

chelsea said...

Waking Ned Devine, Driving Miss Daisy?