25 November 2007

Waste of Time

May I tell you how much I enjoy trick plays like the "Flea Flicker," "The Statue of Liberty," or even "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" as seen in Little Giants. It's things like that that make football enjoyable. I have my first major graduate level paper due on Tuesday and I can't seem to motivate myself to work on it. I think I'm a much better student in the Spring because there's no football to distract me. I can't help but watch the Eagles play the Patriots. The Eagles are currently winning and, though I typically hate them, I would love for them to beat the Pats.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I got to cook a turkey, cheesecake, and mashed potatoes and they all turned out pretty well. I missed the family, of course, but it was nice to have friends and loved ones to spend the day with. And it doesn't hurt that the Cowboys won and the Buckeyes won the Saturday before. Life is good and I'm happy. I'll need some extra blessing in the next few weeks regarding school work, but it'll be just fine; I'm sure of it.

I got a permanent position with the credit union that employs me. My time here has been spent at many different branch, but starting the first week or so of December I'll be exclusively at the brand new branch in West Chester, PA--the home of my graduate program. Hooray!

Sorry this wasn't more exciting, I'll see you soon.


Tony said...

WHOA!....get this. We BOTH play trombone...we BOTH work at a credit union...and we BOTH are left-handed. is this fate? I think so!!

Tony said...

i am a "FRO" - Financial Relationship Officer. Loans, new accounts, etc...you my friend?